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Can we make a living from trading?
The trading universe · August 27, 2021
This is a particularly interesting question that I am asked regularly during my coaching sessions and to which I am going to try to give an answer. Interesesting, not for its relevance (my apologies to those who asked this question I must have asked myself a while ago) but rather for the paradoxes about trading it raises. First, let's try to give a precise answer. There are many ways to make a living from trading. Work in an hedge fund but you will have to apply a specific strategy and you...

The 7 deadly sins in trading
The trading universe · July 15, 2021
Understand the most common mistakes traders make. 1-You think that trading is EASY 2-You don't cut your losses and take gains too early 3-You believe that you have an advantage without measuring it 4-You want to be right 5-You don't understand that trading is all about probabilities 6-You underestimate the amount of work required 7-You believe that finding a winning strategy is enough...

The essence of every profitable trading strategy
The trading universe · May 27, 2021
What are the ingredients of a consistently profitable trading system? 1-Risk management or how to avoid the risk of ruin 2-The expectation of gain 3-Reason in terms of probabilities 4-The importance of volumes 5-The pivot point 6-Moving averages 7-The fundamentals 8-Deal with the market trend 9-Psychology