Free educational trading videos

In trading like in any business you should limit the downside risk as much as possible, especially the risk of ruin. Learn in this short video how to do so.

Implementing a robust daily trading routine is a prerequisite for success in trading. This is a widely underrated trading topic. Routine create a robust framework which prevent us from doing stupid things and enable us to do repeatedly the things we have to do in order to become and remain a profitable consistent trader.

Here is a short video about the swing trading setups I trade.

Every trader goes through different stages of development. From complete ignorance until trading consistency.

You need to understand what a trading edge means and how to calculate it if you want to become a consistent profitable trader.

Understand the difference between hit ratio and risk reward ratio and assess the way they interact…Most traders are highly focused on the HIT RATIO when they should focus on the RISK REWARD RATIO which has the greatest impact on the trading win expectancy (aka the trading edge).