Florian Campuzan
Florian Campuzan

Who am I?
Graduated from Sciences Po Paris (economics and finance), holder of a bachelor's degree in economics and the CFA level II, I have been trading  on the American stock market by applying a swing trading strategy on micro and nanocaps for about fifteen years.
Besides my daily trading job, I support apprentice or experienced traders wishing to approach the markets as a full-fledged activity with the ultimate goal to reach consistency, whatever their strategy.
This involves building up in successive layers a complete and robust trading system to extract the highest risk-adjusted return from the markets on a regular basis.
No wacky promises commonly found on trading-related sites that offer the assurance of amazing performance in 30 minutes of work per day.
Trading is very tough and demanding and as a consequence requires years of hard work with no guarantee of results before reaching consistency.
I live my passion every day, trading, learning and teaching what I learnt the hard way.
I crashed my capital several times (I don’t even remember how many times) with huge pain and suffering. But I didn’t give up.
Since then, I love to help new traders or more experienced ones to achieve their goals.
I like to be the mirror of their thoughts, doubts, mistakes and encourage them to get rid of their bad habits, their cognitive and emotional weaknesses and guide them towards financial and sometimes spirit independence...

A word about my trading strategy...
The swing trading strategy that I apply consists in dealing with price movements from 2 days to a fortnight with specific technical characteristics (price and volume). 
I only play breakouts on highly volatile stocks.
The founding principle of my strategy is trend following on a short time frame.
Trend following, as its name suggests, consists of "taking the bandwagon" ie waiting for prices to breakout from an healthy base (area where prices are contained in a "range") and to follow this trend as long as possible and exit when it runs out.
This is not magic and relatively simple and intuitive to understand. 
What is hard is to become a specialist of your strategy and reach trading success after a huge amount of work and experience.