I will host a TWITTER SPACE named the "Weekly trading feedback", November 4 december 2021, 3.00 PM (CET). 


This twitter space will be an opportunity for everyone to share their trading experience of the past week. To tell if the trading rules have been respected, if the emotions have been under control and if the risk management has been strictly applied.


And if not, this will the opportunity to explain what to do to respect the set of rules that will allow each trader to achieve consistency and see progress the next week or the week after.


This session will allow each trader to verbalize their trading journey, to get fully involved and to share their unique experience.


Join the TRADING COACH community to become a better trader tomorrow!

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"HOW TO READ (STOCK) CHARTS" CLASSROOM- Saturday, NOVEMBER 20 2021- 3.00-5.00 pm (CET)

"HOW TO READ (STOCK) CHARTS-PROGRAM- Saturday, NOVEMBER 20 2021- 3.00-5.00 pm- 3.00 pm (FRANCE TIME)
PART I: Using charts for entering a trade

1-the most reliable price/volumes patterns

The cup with handle

The double bottom

The flat base

The ascending base

2- how to recognize accumulation price patterns

Tight bar price

Volatility contraction

3- how to recognize healthy patterns vs faulty patterns

PART 2: Using charts for exiting a trade

1- Exits into strength

-exhaustion gap

-hypertrophied bar price (HBP)

2- exits into weakness

-the elevator rule,
-rise with no volumes,
-the lowest low,
-Don’t stay to long…
-reversal price action.

Many examples of trades on different periods and time frames

How to read (stock) charts-PROGRAM.pdf
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If you want to attend "HOW TO READ (STOCK) CHARTS" CLASSROOM- Saturday, NOVEMBER 20 2021- 3.00-5.00 pm (CET)", please fill in the following form:

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Weekly (free) « Questions and Answers » trading classroom, every saturday-3.00 pm (France time).

I will be hosting a weekly unformal "Questions and Answers classroom" every saturday at 3.00 pm (Paris, France TIME). I will answer to all your questions relating to trading on every topic that can help you to reach consistency. This will last around 1h-1h30.


That is: trading ecosystem, the different features of main markets (forex, futures, options, cryptos, stocks, fixed income), risk management (stop loss, how to deal with drawdowns, managing volatility, maximun portfolio risk exposure), psychology ( mass psychology, individual psychology, cognitive and emotional biases detrimental to trading success), finding your trading edge (the components of trading gain expectancy: hit-ratio, risk-reward ratio, position sizing, robustness in trading, how to read charts), the trader's tools ( screening tools, backtesting, trading journal, trading, diary, how to implement an efficient daily routine the differents type of orders), trading books (risk management, psychology, charts patterns), swing trading.

Online weekly "Q and A" trading classroom, every saturday, 3.00 pm (France, time).

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Build your whole trading system-PROGRAM.
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Saturday 6th November 2021

I will organise on saturday 6 th November 2021 a free online classroom to talk about trading.


The main topics we will discuss are the following:


-The trading ecosystem,

-How to choose your market and you time frame wisely,

-How to build and measure your edge,

-How to manage and control your risk, 

-Main psychological biases,

-The main trading tools: backtesting, screeners, trading journal, trading diary,

-Example of robust trading systems: trend following and pure breakout trading,

-Main price/volume reliable patterns,

-Trade examples.


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