Most of the trading mentorship programs you will find on the internet will try to convince you that you must apply this so-called specific trading strategy on cryptos or forex and become rich by just following those simple technical rules. THIS IS A LIE.


If you want to succeed in trading you must understand that you are setting up your own sole company. You will be your own boss, your own client and your own competitor. Then you have to know your ecosystem, the rules you must respect in order to succeed especially you will have to understand  those very specific topics:


-trading is a zero sum gain,

-you have to accept losing in order to be able to win in a consistent basis,

-you must know the main psychological biases that are detrimental to your trading success, like the loss aversion or confirmation biases among many others,

-you have to understand what a trading edge is that is a statistical advantage that will make you a consistent profitable trader in the long run,

-you have not only to know what are the three main components of any trading edge, that its the hit ratio, the risk-reward ratio and the position size but also to understand how they interact with each other,

-you have to use the right and unavoidable tools to assess and improve your edge: backtesting and journaling are among them.


Like I repeat to all the traders I mentor on a daily basis, a whole trading system is like a wooden stool with 4 feet. The first one is the strategy (the technical part), the second one is the risk management (the risk of loss and how to manage volatility and drawdowns), the third one is the psychological part (understanding collective and individual psychology) and the forth one the trading tools (backtesting, journaling, diaring among others).


Your whole trading system must be designed in a such a robust way that you could have seated on it one century ago, like you can sit on it right now and you could also be able to sit on it in a century BUT you need those 4 feet to remain well seated whatever happens, whenever it happens...


This is what this trading program "HOW TO BUILD A WHOLE TRADING SYSTEM" will teach you if you are ready to learn and start doing your part of the job.

Build your whole trading system-PROGRAM.
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Formation TRADING COACH: "Devenez un expert du swing trading"

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