Want to become a professional trader? Benefit from cutting edge trading courses to learn how to trade? Become a trader without a degree? This is what my trading mentorship programs offers you.

The online coaching programs "BUILD YOUR WHOLE TRADING SYSTEM" and "BECOME A PROFESIONNAL SWING TRADER" will be proposed to a group of a least 3 up to a maximum of 5 persons. The program "TAILOR-MADE MENTORSHIP" is  a one to one mentoring program.

I do not offer trading advice (advisors are not payers) but I propose a rigorous teaching process in successive layers in order to acquire a precise knowledge of the common features to ALL winning traders whatever the strategy used (buying on weakness, breakouts,use of indicators), the chosen asset (forex, stocks, cryptos, futures, etc), the chosen time horizon (scalping, daytrading, swing trading, position trading), the risk tolerance, the performance objectives, or the time available to devote to the markets. My training programs are very suitable for a retail trader since it can be conducted online via zoom or Skype.

Learning to trade  is not just for the elite. You can become a trader without a degree of any kind.

Want to become a professional trader?


Anyone can learn to trade. The myth of the trader who "feels" what the market is going to do or anticipates it conveys the erroneous idea that one should have a sixth sense to become a successful trader.


A prescience that not only does not exist (no one can predict the future) but is absolutely not necessary to be a successful trader. 


Furthermore, becoming a trader without any degree is not only possible but you might even be surprised by the potential harm that a prestigious academic education represents to become a successful trader.


Another misconception is the idea that you have to be a great scientist or mathematician to succeed in this activity.


Mastery of the 4 operations and a rudimentary knowledge of probability are sufficient.


And most importantly, the basic mathematical concepts needed are easy to grasp.


I am not saying that some complex mathematical models cannot be 



I'm just saying that some of the world's greatest traders use strategies that are very simple to grasp. 


It's implementing them that is complicated. 


So getting trained and taking trading courses is not only a very good step but to some extent a necessity. You just need to find the right trading coach who may become your mentor for many years. 

A trading strategy is not enough

Another fantasy is that all you need to do is find a winning strategy to be a consistent profitable trader.


How many "bogus" training courses offer you a strategy that will make you a successful trader in about 30 minutes a day?


At best, this is damaging naivety and at worst (and most often), it is a gross lie that aims to unscrupulously take your money.


Why is this so?


Because you may not be in phase with the strategy of your interlocutor. 


Because you may not be able to apply it just because you haven't built it yourself, backtested it, tried it in all market conditions.


On the other hand, if you understand how to build step by step a complete trading system that takes into account the definition of an advantage, a rigorous risk management, the behavioral biases that traders are victims of, the tools of the successful trader, the need for a flawless backtesting, you will be able to start in the right direction without wiping out your trading account (whether you have 1,000 Euros or 1 million Euros) in less than 3 months.


One trade does not a strategy make. It's all about helping you implement the one that will fit your personality, your performance objectives and your risk tolerance.


A good trading course is not one that helps you read charts or just recognize price patterns. 


The best trading education is the one that fits your thought process, your risk tolerance, your performance goals, the time you can devote to it each day, month or year. 


The best trading mentorship programs are those  that will put you on the right track and allow you to gradually adopt the right approach while protecting you from your destructive behaviors.


Good trading mentorship is not the one that makes untenable, unrealistic promises based on a strategy that you will probably never adopt.

I propose 3 main trading mentorship programs:

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